Plessey partners with WaveOptics to develop next-generation optical modules for optical waveguide AR glasses

According to Plessey’s official website, the partnership between Plessey and WaveOptics aims to develop optical modules for next-generation smart glasses design. In this partnership, Plessey will provide its pure green, high-brightness Micro-LED Full HD Display, while WaveOptics will provide its recently launched Katana optical waveguide technology and projector design. The Katana optical waveguide is considered to be the thinnest and lightest optical waveguide in the industry, and it opens the possibility for consumer technology companies to further expand AR wearable designs, helping AR wearable products to enter the mass market widely.

Plessey and WaveOptics collaborate on optical modules for next-generation smart glasses

The optical modules they are developing will be the smallest and lightest optical modules for AR displays on the market, the companies said.

Plessey’s Full HD Micro-LED display is the result of its previous collaboration with Compound Photonics. The display is a combination of Plessey’s GaN/Si-based Micro-LED display technology and Compound Photonics’ low-latency digital driver backplane with a high-performance NOVA display driver architecture.

The effectiveness of next-generation AR and MR systems will depend on improved optical module performance. To enable better visual experiences for these new AR and MR systems, designers have been pursuing improvements in image quality, display brightness, resolution, and effective power consumption. The collaboration between Plessey and WaveOptics will combine Plessey’s GaN/Si-based Micro-LED display technology and WaveOptics’ next-generation optical waveguide technology with projector design, innovations that will bring qualitative improvements to the new system.

The size and power consumption requirements of the optical module have been greatly improved, which helps to enhance the functions of the system equipped with the optical module. of technology and mobility companies.

“This partnership will bring new product design points to companies making AR wearables,” said David Hayes, CEO of WaveOptics. and Plessey’s respective expertise. The optical module product’s low profile and extremely low power consumption are key advantages for the technology to enter the consumer market in 2020.”

“Our partnership with WaveOptics is a testament to the strength of Plessey’s GaN-on-Silicon Micro-LED technology,” said Mike Lee, president of corporate and business development at Plessey. “Our Micro-LED displays are well-established for cutting-edge AR and MR device needs. high-performance display.”

Small, efficient projectors are critical to improving smart glasses and other AR wearables. The use of Micro-LED panels can significantly reduce the size and power consumption of AR projectors compared to reflective display panels such as LCoS and DMD. However, only optical waveguides and projectors with custom-designed optical and electrical characteristics can match Micro-LED panels to take full advantage of these advantages. WaveOptics has the technical strength to design and manufacture fully integrated and performance-matched AR display modules for Plessey’s Micro-LED display features.

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