360 responded to being listed on the “entity list” by the United States: firmly opposed to this irresponsible accusation

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Sina Technology News May 23 morning news, in response to “360 being included in the Entity List by the United States”, 360 Group responded that it firmly opposed this irresponsible accusation and opposed the US Department of Commerce’s politicization of business activities and technology research and development. way of doing.

360 said that although being included in the entity list will cause some troubles to the development of 360’s business, it will not have a significant impact on daily operations, nor will it interrupt 360’s ability to continue to provide security for customers.

According to media reports this morning, the US Department of Commerce announced that a total of 33 Chinese companies and institutions will be included in the “entity list”, including 360, Yuncong Technology and other technology companies and institutions. (Dapeng)

The following is the full text of 360 Group’s response:

360 Group is concerned that the U.S. Department of Commerce listed 360 Group on the “Entity List” on May 22 on the grounds that it “has the risk of procuring related items for China’s military end-use”. 360 firmly opposes this irresponsible accusation and opposes the politicization of business activities and scientific and technological research and development by the US Department of Commerce.

After 14 years of development, 360 has grown into the most powerful and world-class network security company in China. In recent years, 360 has built a “network security brain” based on security big data, which can effectively detect and discover advanced cyber attacks launched by national hacker organizations, large cyber criminal gangs, etc. Attack on network infrastructure. Recently, 360 also disclosed real hammer evidence of a decade-long cyber attack on my country by a US intelligence agency.

After cybersecurity companies discover cyberattacks, it is an industry practice to disclose attack events, analyze and trace hacker organization information, and it is also the strength and responsibility of top cybersecurity companies. Global counterparts, including U.S. cybersecurity companies, have done the same. Disclosing attacks is a need for cybersecurity companies to continuously improve defense techniques and combat cybercrime, and should not be the trigger for sanctions.

With the mission of “making the world safer and better”, 360 has protected the security of many Chinese government and enterprise infrastructure and hundreds of millions of consumers, and is also a key force in maintaining global network security. 360 Security Brain has helped Apple, Google, and Microsoft discover thousands of security vulnerabilities, indirectly protecting netizens around the world, and has been highly praised and thanked many times by these companies. 360 Security Brain has also helped U.S. law enforcement agencies solve global cybercrime attacks on many occasions, and has been widely recognized internationally.

With the digital development of human society, the situation of network security is becoming increasingly severe, and the threat and destructive power of network attacks are increasing unprecedentedly. 360 believes that cyber attacks and crimes are the common enemy of all mankind, and it requires better cooperation among global cyber security forces. The sanctions imposed by the U.S. Department of Commerce, in an attempt to weaken China’s cybersecurity defense capabilities, will only benefit various attack organizations and activities, and will have a negative impact on global cybersecurity.

360 advocates technology, and has continuously carried out network security confrontation ability and technological innovation for more than ten years. The innovative ideas and technologies of the network security brain are leading the world. 360 has achieved core security such as security big data and security brain-related technologies and achievements. All independent research and development capabilities, with independent intellectual property rights. Although being included in the entity list will cause some troubles to the development of 360’s business, it will not have a significant impact on 360’s daily operations, nor will it interrupt 360’s ability to continue to provide security for customers.

No matter what kind of motivation and unfair treatment it encounters, 360 will not change its original intention, continue to uphold the company’s values, insist on innovation and development of core technologies, build a security infrastructure in the digital age, and do a good job in the infrastructure of our government and enterprises. Network Guardian.

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