Create a “dark horse” that is comparable to Salesforce, start from the “heart”, and start here!

The digital transformation of the industry has given birth to the development of the SaaS industry, coupled with the warming of the macro economy, the enterprise-level SaaS with 2022 as a new starting point is likely to usher in the second curve of growth.

Shaping a “dark horse” comparable to Salesforce, the spring tide in China’s SaaS field is surging

As my country’s enterprise-level software market has opened the curtain of scale expansion, the SaaS field has also ushered in an excellent rising period. Although various manufacturers have successively “showed” their own highlights, people who are familiar with the industry know that there is also a huge “black hole” hidden behind this.

Under the constraints of the traditional model, looking at the revenue scale of various SaaS products, very few companies have an annual revenue of over 100 million, and not many have more than 50 million. It is said that 50 million revenue becomes the life and death threshold of Chinese software companies, and 100 million becomes the survival threshold. And only by breaking through the development threshold of one billion yuan, can we usher in a real outbreak.

To this end, everyone is doing their best to improve their management level and sales skills through innovative products, but in the short term, it is impossible to become a “dark horse” comparable to Salesforce. Take SaaS CRM as an example, after 20 years of development, a towering tree should have grown long ago. Even experimental fields should be fruitful. However, it backfired.

The penetration rate of mobile Internet is close to 80%, the spring tide of industrial Internet is surging, the market trend is so clear, but the development of enterprises is complicated and confusing. “Do not do well, do not strong” has become the curse of the SaaS field, and even Chinese enterprise software. So what’s the reason?

There is such a law, in the field of To B, only by thoroughly understanding the survival status of Chinese enterprises and the future development trend of the commercial society can we obtain real opportunities in the SaaS market.

Enterprise-level SaaS is in the market breeding period in China, and the shortage of demand side and supply side has become a constraint to the development of the industry. From the perspective of the supply side, many SaaS products are currently only “semi-finished products”. Although they have powerful technical functions, the products lack in-depth understanding of the business and cannot provide customers with integrated solutions to solve core business problems, and service capabilities The flaws also make businesses reluctant to pay for SaaS. From the perspective of the demand side, the willingness of enterprises to use SaaS software and the willingness to pay are not strong enough, and the lack of driving force makes it difficult for SaaS manufacturers to acquire new customers and increase revenue.

At the same time, the development level of cloud services determines the service capabilities of SaaS products, and also affects users’ willingness to use cloud services. Some enterprises’ doubts about the stability and security of public cloud have weakened their willingness to use SaaS products. As the technology of Chinese basic cloud manufacturers improves, the market will gradually change.

Under the “nurture” of new technologies, a new paradigm of digitalization has gradually emerged. SaaS can help enterprises to achieve the extension from internal management to industrial chain collaboration, from regional operations to the expansion of the global market, and from product production to service operations. It can be said that without digital capabilities, companies will lose their future.

Solve the core pain points of enterprises and embrace the second curve of growth

In the post-epidemic era, how can Chinese SaaS companies better embrace the second curve of growth?

For more than ten years, domestic SaaS companies have gone through various pits, such as free models, money-burning wars, and standardized and customized games. In the continuous trial and error, the industry has gradually formed a consensus, that is, the core capability of SaaS companies is the understanding of customer needs.

In the early days, SaaS companies did not know enough about the needs of traditional industry customers to truly understand the pain points of the industry. Even at this stage, it is not easy for companies in traditional industries to find SaaS services that match their genes.

Large enterprises need to integrate and customize, while small and medium-sized enterprises often use standardized SaaS products, but can they really improve efficiency and reduce costs for enterprises? In addition, small and medium-sized enterprises are more sensitive to the price of SaaS services. SaaS companies need to carefully consider the standardized product functions and the cost of SaaS customer acquisition.

Whether it is serving large enterprises or small and medium-sized enterprises, SaaS service providers need to think more about how to further enhance the user stickiness of enterprise users to their SaaS services and enhance their willingness to pay.

On the one hand, SaaS service providers should focus their services on solving the pain points of enterprise business needs. For traditional industries such as government affairs, finance, industry, education, etc., SaaS services with strong business attributes are needed, and the depth of its products and services in vertical fields will continue to be explored to reflect the professionalism of services.

On the other hand, in order to improve the retention rate of SaaS services and reduce the cost of acquiring customers for SaaS services, SaaS service providers should improve their customer success service capabilities and pay attention to user experience.

In addition, SaaS companies should also focus on the security of SaaS services, improve the ability to monitor user experience performance, and ensure service quality.

The quality of a product depends on whether it creates value for users. But the premise of creating value is always to understand the real needs of customers. When products, sales, implementation, services, and even the ecosystem are slowly maturing, when corporate needs come immediately, and when the market environment is getting better, at this time, you can just “step in” to solve the core pain points of the company, and SaaS companies do not want to develop Both are difficult.

“Intelligent Change · New Life” – the 6th SaaS Application Conference in 2021, to join the industry!

In the post-epidemic era, what new trends will emerge in China’s SaaS market?

Can the success of Chinese SaaS companies be able to clear the fog and explore a more localized business model?

When more and more giants enter the SaaS market, where should a large number of SaaS startups go?

How can SaaS companies shape their core competitiveness for customers?

What new changes will occur in the SaaS application scenarios of enterprises?

From June 29th to 30th, the 6th SaaS Application Conference 2021 with the theme of “Intelligent Change and New Life” will be held in Shanghai. This conference has been upgraded in terms of content and innovation. The conference will focus on industrial transformation and landing scenarios. Through exhibitions and forums, starting from the “heart”, it will bring a brand new digital feast to the industry.

As a weather vane event with clear goals, full of dry goods, and SaaS field, it can be described as ingenious and accurate in the structure and topic design of the conference. The organizer will invite CIOs/CDOs/CTOs, SME CEOs, HRDs, representatives of SaaS manufacturers, industry experts, analysts, investors from the industries of finance, real estate, manufacturing, logistics, education, medical care, Internet and other industries. Organizations, media, etc. gathered together, focusing on the solution of industry pain points, forward-looking viewpoint exploration, and SaaS implementation experience sharing. Through all-round communication and interaction and centralized Display of actual combat cases, we will deeply analyze and find good recipes for SaaS construction for enterprises, and speed up Enterprise digital transformation and upgrading.

Combined with the pain points of enterprises in digital transformation, enterprises should start from the needs and deploy digital products from local to overall. In this process, you will inevitably experience the pain of business transformation. Don’t be greedy for more, and put the cart before the horse.

For SaaS service providers, how can general-purpose SaaS break the circle and meet the diverse needs of various industries and enterprises; how can SaaS products break the vertical dead angle of the industry and enhance their deep understanding of different businesses; how can they practice SaaS services? Depth, from the provision of products to services integrated coverage?

In response to these problems, the organizer will focus on the business transformation needs of enterprises in production, sales, marketing, after-sales, logistics, manpower, finance, procurement, legal affairs, etc., from trends, to applications, and then to cases. Progressive, comprehensive and three-dimensional analysis of pain points, tailor-made for enterprises and manufacturers, and relieve anxiety.

On the first day of the conference, it will focus on industrial transformation, with the theme of “Going to the Cloud, Using Numbers, and Empowering Wisdom – Digitization in a Broken Era”, through the three chapters of “Mystery of Giants, Innovation and Perseverance, and New Power”, Presented to the guests a SaaS advancement road of traditional enterprises and Internet giants, the digital new infrastructure construction road of large state-owned enterprises and emerging industries, and the different views of the industry in the past five years.

On the second day of the conference, it will return to the essence of SaaS, focus on the implementation of scenarios, with the theme of “reducing costs, improving efficiency, and increasing income – returning to the original intention of enterprise farpoint SaaS”, through the enterprise operation management forum and enterprise collaboration consensus forum. And enterprise marketing growth forum, combined with the company’s own practical experience, on-site in-depth discussion and case analysis of the SaaS path, bringing practical experience sharing.

In addition, this conference has set up special links, such as the Startup Incubation Room: Financing Publicity Forum, to create face-to-face opportunities for start-ups and investment institutions to make changes together.

At the invitation of the guests, in addition to the leaders from the Shanghai Economic and Information Commission and the Shanghai Software Industry Association, Xu Langlang, the well-known SaaS expert, KPMG China Data Analysis Leader, Chen Yuye, CEO of Bairui Technology, and Chengdu Hei Payun CEO Chen Jinzhou, Mingyuan Cloud Vice President/Enterprise Digitization and Industrial Internet Expert Tong Jilong, and informatization leaders of large and medium-sized enterprises, such as: Ecolab Group Greater China Chief Digital Officer, Yuanqi Forest CIO, Jinjiang Hotel Information Management Center Industry experts and scholars such as VP, Director of Information Technology of Jiangsu University of Science and Technology will also attend this conference to participate in the grand event.

It is worth noting that at this conference, there is also a heavy awarding session, that is, the “CSIC2021 Cloud Award Selection” award ceremony. At that time, in the form of online and offline synchronization, we will witness the attribution of awards such as “the most innovative SaaS product of the year and the best SaaS service provider of the year” together with the on-site guests, so as to set a benchmark for the industry and guide the new road of SaaS in China. development direction.

Who will stand out in the post-pandemic era?

In the process of digital transformation, who will win many battles?

Under the wave of technological innovation, who will be the next beneficiary?

What are you waiting for?

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