ZTE AXON 11 5G announced: debut on March 23

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Entering 2020, 5G has become the focus of promotion by major mobile phone manufacturers.

Last month, ZTE officially launched the 5G flagship AXON 10s Pro. After a month, the new 5G mobile phone AXON 11 is here.

On March 16, Dr. Lv Qianhao of ZTE announced that the ZTE AXON 11 5G will be released on March 23.

Like the AXON 10s Pro, the ZTE AXON 11 5G also supports SA and NSA dual-mode 5G. This is ZTE’s third National Bank 5G mobile phone (the first is AXON 10 Pro 5G, and the second is AXON 10s Pro 5G).

The official poster shows that ZTE AXON 11 5G focuses on video shooting, and it is expected that there will be new breakthroughs in video creation.

The details of ZTE AXON 11 5G are currently unknown. It may be equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 flagship platform, or it may use the Qualcomm mid-range 5G mobile platform Snapdragon 765G or Snapdragon 765.

Xu Feng, president of ZTE’s terminal business unit, said in an interview that 2020 is the first year of the full-scale outbreak of 5G mobile phones, and China is definitely the most important and earliest market. From the perspective of terminals, 5G will probably have a ten-year cycle. I hope ZTE can return to the mainstream mobile phone brand queue in the 5G era.

Xu Feng believes that the change in the mobile phone market pattern next year is a high probability event. Now, looking back at the technology replacement of 2G, 3G and 4G, the changes have changed a lot. From 4G to 5G, the technology has a very large span, and the change of application scenarios is also very large, from pure bandwidth increase to wide-connection, high-reliability, and low-latency scenarios. Huge changes also mean opportunities, so the possibility of changing the situation is very high.

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